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Resources for Realtors


We all need to protect our customers’ private information and help them to protect themselves.  All parties should be aware that they should be sure that sensitive personal information is sent only by secure email, hand delivered or faxed (eg, social security numbers, loan numbers, wire instructions).

Parties sending wires should be warned in advance of cyber fraud, wire fraud risks, and buyers should know to only use the wiring instructions that we will send to them upon their affirmative request (or, if they are signing remotely, with their closing package).  Anyone sending funds should always call a known number to verify instructions before releasing their funds.  Please note that we need a reference (party name, address, or file number) for any wires we receive so that we can allocate them to the correct file.

If your buyer wants to bring cash for closing, please contact us in advance as our bank will require some information and there may also be timing requirements.

Taking the Key
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