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Insurance Agent

Our Services

Our title services include real estate searches (back to patent) and related research, owner and lender title insurance commitments and policies, ownership and encumbrance reports (also known as O&Es or property reports), foreclosure guarantees, and litigation guarantees.

Our closing, escrow and settlement services cover the entire spectrum of real estate and business transactions, including purchase, sale, and financing of, as well as investment in, residential, agricultural, ranch, and commercial real estate; vacant land; conservation easements, and business sales and other commercial transactions.

Although we do not provide legal services to our customers, and we strongly advise that buyers and sellers seek legal counsel wherever appropriate, we are happy to prepare seller-carry financing documents using the CREC approved forms as part of our closing services as long as a few parameters can be met. If your transaction involves Seller-Carry or Private Financing without third party counsel involvement, please contact Gwen Allen for more information on these services.

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